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13 April 2009 @ 12:11 pm
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Okay, so as you all know, ecstaticniji already quit. And that's two of our mods that have quit already. So I was thinking dare I say it...to shut down the comm. I think this comm's jinxed or something. :)) Maybe we'll have finish the members then, I don't know...disappear? I'm not sure though. Or maybe, I'm just feeling dramatic today. :)) By the way thanks to the mods and banner makers. You've been a big help. ;) Just vote in the poll below. And feedback will be good too. :)

Poll #1382508 Future of the comm

Do we shut down the comm?

I think it would be best

By the way, submission post for week 019 will be up in a while. Sorry, my sister haven't had a time to post it. She's busy with college stuff or whatever. :)