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Hey! Say!

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Hey! Say! JUMP Awards
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hey! say! // welcome
Welcome to heysay_awards! This is the community icon contest for the band, HEY!SAY!JUMP. It started when chocolatecrack started to wonder why there aren't any icon contest for this group. So with the number of responses (mostly for moderating. XD), she went ahead and made one. :)
thrill // rules
★Do NOT bad mouth the icon makers. Criticisim is alright, but please know your limits.
★Do NOT hotlink icons during voting time. It will be the icon makers' choice to share them or not.
★For the sake of the community name, please submit icons that are related to Hey!Say!JUMP.
★Winning icons will be noted by tags, through the profiles and the hall of fame.
★Banner makers may participate as long as it is NOT her week to make the banners.
★You must be a member to either vote and/or submit.
★Do not, I beg of you, use someone else's icons.
★You don't have to be a professional icon-maker to join. This is just an amateur icon contest. :)



First Place: # number of icon [3 points]
Second Place: # number of icon [2 points]
Third Place: # number of icon [1 point]
Special Category: # number of icon [most voted]

No where to get your pictures? Why not try these links:
hey_say@livejournal & boys_paper@livejournal & happy town

Any other places? Feel free to suggest! :)
wonderland train // schedule
★sunday » icon submissions.
★wednesday » mid-week reminders.
★saturday » icon voting.
★monday » icon results.
profile & layout & header & affiliates